SMS Gateway is a software utility that enables you to easily send and receive text and binary “Short Messages” over GSM/3G digital cellular telephone networks from your local PC or network. SMS Gateway fully supports the following IP interfaces;

  • POP3 for message transmission, and SMTP for message reception, so it may be integrated with any email environment without need for custom development.
  • A powerful bi-directional HTTP/XML interface
  • A simple URL based message submission mechanism

SMS Gateway also supports the following local programming interfaces;

  • Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)
  • Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)
  • Command Line Interface (CLI)

Also provided are sample interactive two-way messaging applications with full source code in Office Excel and Delphi that demonstrate the use of the OLE & DDE interface.

For further information on SMS Gateway and some general Short Message Service (SMS) background, please refer to the Tech Info page.

Want more information? Look through the Features, Technical Information and FAQ sections of the site. Also, please feel free to download the free evaluation copy of SMS Gateway, which includes the full Installation, Users and Developers manual.

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